About Universal

Royal Business School (RBS) was established as part of Strive India Education Foundation in February 2009. Royal Business School (RBS) takes a leap forward, by creating United  Kingdom’s one of the first Green Business School ensuring eco-smart integrated thinking and a sustainable campus. The idea for establishing a world-class business school in United Kingdom was born in 2008. The Business School is founded by International Business Leaders who have business experience in all five continents and have managed multi billion dollar global businesses. They have built a unique experiential based learning pedagogy for international Business Executives. Royal Business School (RBS)provides full time and part time Graduate and Post Graduate programmes in Management along with Executive Management Development courses. Royal Business School (RBS) through its subsidiary Business Scorecard India will provide Training and Consultancy Services to leading Indian and Multinational companies and will act as a premier resource for Organisation Building, Business Growth, Customer Delight and Employee Development.

Royal Business School (RBS) has been founded on two principle pillars of Ethical practices and Environment sensitivity. The Founders believe that enduring corporate success can be achieved, by high performing organisations, which adhere to ethical principles in business life.

Our Vision
“To establish a world-class Business School which provides Indian and International organisations with superior talent, which is sensitive to Corporate Governance, CSR, Environmental concerns”

Fast Facts

  • Established: June 2008
  • Royal Business School (RBS) Board of Governors: 57 Governors: (13 residing in USA and UK)
    CEO’s – 45 (27 MNC’s, 18 UK Companies)
    Educationalists – 6
    Bureaucrats – 2
    Armed Forces – 2 (Army and Air Force)
    Regulator – 1 (ex-UK Financial Authorities)
    Economist – 1
  • Royal Business School (RBS) Academic Council: 12 Members (2 from Anderson School, UCLA and Stanford University)
  • Number of Employees: 55 employees
  • Number of Faculty Members: 30 Faculty members from leading Global and UK B-Schools. (LBS, UCLA, Stanford and Harvard)